In the last few chapters Stanley gets a new nickname which is ‘Caveman’. Stanley learns about more effective ways of digging his holes before the sun rises. Stanley finds a fossil and thinks it’s good enough but unfortunately not. X-Ray then makes Stanley promise to give him anything interesting he finds because Stanley has‘an eye’ for those things. One day Stanley is digging and finds a tube which he had to give to X-Ray because of their deal. Stanley finds out that the warden is a woman and he writes his mother a letter. The warden makes them dig in pairs so they can dig more holes and faster and try find anything else that is interesting. The Warden keeps making Mr Pendanski to fill the boys’
canteens. Stanley also finds out that there are mini cameras all over Camp Green Lake, watching their every move. Zero wanted Stanley to teach him how to read and write. Squid stole a pack of seeds and Stanley took the blame. So Mr Sir takes Stanley to the Warden.


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