The shed perched in the deserted meadow bound by barbed wire as if to contain its elegance. The door left a jar giving light to the withering lumber for the lamp gives now only a haven to insect. Layered and steep is the roof as if a witch’s hat. Bursting at the seams with colour the garden holds secrets of the flowers. A rusty wagon wheel used to spin in time to the music of the fairies that once danced in the moonlit sky but now is guardian of the memories. Ocean of flowers has dribbles of red like blood stains from the war. White flower buds look pure like newly fallen snow on a winter’s day. Stems of the flowers form a forest hiding life. As the clear sky is taken over by smoky clouds the sun forms rays of light as if to bring power through the sky. The fairies left when the dark clouds came but now they will never see the enchanted beauty the shed keeps. But hidden quietly within the mounted pot plants are the elves of the woods.

By Rati

Behind a factory in a dumpster scavenging for food was a dog and
her pups. She had spent many days in the dump with many other dogs. They like
she was lived in the dump because they were stray“unwanted” dogs. They lived
alone with none to care for them. Many dogs heard about the dump and thought it
had lots of food. But the dogs were wrong. There was now too many of them so
food was becoming scarce. The dog and her pups were no longer getting enough
food and the pups’ high demand of milk was taking the last bits of energy she
had left. She was becoming gaunt and didn’t want that sort of life for her

So with that thought of wanting a better life for her pups and
find better food and shelter. She set out leaving her pups in the care of the
other dogs. Her travels took many days and nights.  Trying
to find a place but never one she liked. One gloomy day she reached a highway
bustling with a variation of motor vehicles hurtling along. She thought for a
while whether the grass was greener on the other side. Then she decided she
would go and see for herself.  And
as she stepped on to the road…

…she was hit by a speeding truck. She lay there limp watching
cars veer around her lifeless body. All she could think about was her pups and
what they would do without her. She regretted ever leaving them but what could
she do know? There was no turning back. Her body weakened and she slowly started
drifting off she tried to think of the happy things that had happened in her
life before this terrible occurrence.

Yet on the other side of the road was a stray dog looking for a
place where he could start anew. He watched as the female dog was hit by the
speeding truck and wondered if he should go or not. Would he really risk his
life for a dog he didn’t know? And he thought even if he died he would have died
for a good cause. With a final nod he scurried across the highway dodging cars
from every direction. He finally reached the other side of the road. He bent
down and nuzzled her trying to wake her up but with luck. He then made a
decision to drag her into the green lands away from the rush of the

The stray dog that had saved a fellow unknown stray spent many
days nursing her to full recovery. All the nights and days the spent together
they seemed to forget about the life they would one day have to go back to.
Until the day when reality dawned, on the mother, that had left her pups in a
dumpster. She felt sad and disheartened. She soon became reluctant at the
thought living unable to forgive herself. Until a butterfly fluttered by,
symbolising that everything, will turn out all right.   

By Rati